Alda Vigdís


Relevant employment history

1984 Hosting, Reykjavik (remote)

WordPress consultant, systems analyst

December 2019 (Current)

I am currently working on integration projects and upper-tier support and consulting services related to WordPress at the most popular web hosting provider in Iceland.

Automattic, San Fansisco (remote)

Code wrangler

October 2018 - June 2019

Worked on Jetpack Sync and the Gutenberg block implementation in Jetpack and as well as internal documentation and accessibility efforts.

Seatris AI, Berlin

Senior Ruby Backend Developer

April 2018 - June 2018

Was brought in to help overcome certain obstacles. Amended workflow and documentation; and drastically improved the Rspec and Capybara based test suite.

POSPulse (24Insights), Berlin

Backend developer

August 2016 - June 2017

My role was mostly related to the development and maintenance of data models and JSON API endpoints in Ruby on Rails using JSONAPI::Resources as well as location matching and other features using Elasticsearch, Chewy and PostGIS.

I also revamped many documentation and style enforcement efforts by providing a well-designed model diagram (prepared for print and updated for every two sprints), modifying the source code to comply with the Ruby Style Guide and implementing and configuring YARD, Overcommit and Rubocop to maintain compliance.

Later on, my responsibilities included communications with external developers, the internal front-end team as well as screening, interviewing and training of job applicants and new developers.

Aklamio, Berlin

Ruby on Rails Backend developer

January 2016 - April 2016

My role was mainly related to API consumers and web scraping service workers for a Ruby on Rails system used for affiliate marketing. I also supported the in-house blog which was driven by WordPress.

United Nations, Amman, Beirut and Gaziantep

Software and database consultant

2014 - 2016

Developed a data collection and reporting system for the UN Monotoring Mechanism for Syria in Ruby on Rails. ActiveAdmin was used as the basis of the UI, with graphs being done on NVD3. The system collects information aboutthe contents of humanitarian consignments from various UN organisations. The work included need assessments, training, field tests, server provisioning and liason between the UNMM and the entity providing hosting services, as well as a series of service contracts.

Developed an offline-first client-side app using Cordova, SQLite and AngularJS and a server-side analytics platform for an internal questionnaire to replace a paper– and spreadsheet based workflow for UNRWA LFO in Beirut, Lebanon. The backend was built in C# MVC 5.0 and data was fed into Microsoft Excel for reporting. This included the relevant on-site project management, hardware procurement, liaison between ICT and Operation Support departments as well as training and field tests.

Verðandi, Reykjavik

Web developer

November 2012 - August 2013

Developed a social media promotion and raffle management system in PHP which I rewrote in Ruby on Rails. This system was later used to determine social media activity based on market segments.

Worked on several raffle and promotion apps relying on the system mentioned above. Clients included banks such as Landsbanki as well as international brands like Pepsi and Microsoft.

Various WordPress and static websites including annual reports and animation projects using SVG and CSS. Clients included the Federation of Icelandic pension funds and the National Grid.

Tech lead work. This included on shortlisting candidates and managing the work of junior developers.

Kosmos og Kaos, Reykjavik and Keflavik

Web developer


Frontend and backend development for various websites such as WOW Air’s original site, Vodafone Iceland and the Blue Lagoon. Some sites were partially run on WordPress but most were run on Drupal or other proprietary CMSs for 3rd parties.

My role on these projects was generally front-end oriented development and motion design as well as server provisioning for backend projects.

Short-Term Freelance Projects

Automattic, San Fansisco

Front-end development

June 2018 - August 2018

Improved the accessibility of the data picker in the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress.

The United Nations Association of Iceland, Reykjavik

WordPress full stack development and design

March 2018 - July 2018

Renewed the organisation's website from scratch. The design was based on FoundationPress and includes an lot of educational material and factual information.

Takanawa, Tokyo

WordPress full stack development

2009 - 2012

Independent WordPress projects for Takanawa ehf and the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in close cooperation with a designer.

This included sites for conferences and exhibitions related to Icelandic–Japanese relations. One of those sites remains online at

Public Speaking

Make your Gutenberg blocks accessible
(and also web accessibility 101)

WordCamp Vienna

April 2019

Provided a talk on accessibility for those getting into Gutenberg block development. The talk went into the basics of web accessibility, the importance of the semantic web and how those techniques can be used to develop Gutenberg blocks.

Some notes on postal codes and their use

Automattic Grand Meetup

October 2018

Provided a flash talk on postal code systems, misconceptions about and the overuse of postal codes, over validation and their use as location indicators as an anti-pattern.


Keilir, Keflavik Airport

Autumn 2010 - Summer 2011

  • Preliminary studies

Borgarholtsskóli, Reykjavik

Spring 2006 - Spring 2008

  • Multimedia design (unfinished)
  • Media technology (unfinished)

FVA, Akranes

Autumn 2002 - Spring 2005

  • Electronic Technology (Unfinished)
  • General Electrical Studies
  • General Studies

Language skills

Icelandic Native speaker
English Fluent
Scandinavian languages Basic knowledge, comfortable with reading and writing

Volunteer Work and Activities